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Birthday and Anniversary Show

Wish your loved ones a Happy Birthday or Anniversary.  Give us a call 7:20-7:50am and we'll spread the word for you!  Airs at 7:55am, so don't wait 'til the last minute! Please don't send in birthdays by mail. 


Test your skills.  Win great prizes like tickets to a variety of events.  McDonald's Extra Value meals, Dunkin' Donuts prizes, car wash certificates, Dean's Hotdogs, and more! 

PSA's (Public Service Announcements)

Do you have a non-profit event you'd like to us to announce?  We announce fundraisers, church dinners and other not for profit events.  Please fax us the information at 725-7177, or e-mail us or you can just mail it.  Details do not have to be on a postcard, plain paper is fine, just remember to tell us where?  When?  How much is admission? What do proceeds benefit?  And any other details you'd like to include.

"Senior Magazine"

"Senior Magazine" with host Steve Savage focuses on events for seniors from organizations such as the Gloversville Senior Center, Fulton County OFA, and the Johnstown Senior Center. 

"Tri-County Close-Up"

Tom Roehl visits with guests who discuss their non-profit organizations and events.  Do you have an event that you'd like the public to know about about?  Call W E N T and schedule an appointment to record for this 5-minute feature.  "Tri-County Close-Up" airs at 12:20pm and 5:20pm.

"Wall Street Final"

The day's top business news features closing quotations of local interest Monday-Friday afternoons at 5:55.

"Lou Manfredini House Smarts Minutes"

Learn tips to improve your home--yourself!  Lou Manfredini shows you how, Monday-Friday at 8:31am and 3:31pm. 


Stay in optimum health!  "Healthwatch" offers daily tips for keeping your body healthy, Monday-Friday at 12:31.