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W E N T will make money for your business.  We are live.  Local.  We don't farm out our programming to syndication.  So we react fast to breaking events which is a big plus for advertisers.

Use the power of radio, "The Theatre of the Mind," to craft a selling message.  "See it on the radio!"

Unlike other media, your ad on W E N T will be heard in the car, at home, at work, in the back yard, exercising, relaxing.  Everywhere your prospects spend time.

Use the low cost of W E N T to maximize impact, using radio's unmatched frequency for greatest value for your dollar.

We'll place your ad where it is most likely to be heard by your prospects and customers.

Stand alone!  Your ad will not be placed next to your competitors as in many other media.

Radio reaches consumers closest to the point of purchase.

W E N T enjoys a loyal audience, the result of over 70 years of local service.  Therefore, your ad is more likely to be heard.

Respond to market conditions fast!  If necessary, we can have you on the air now with no costly lead-time or inflexible deadlines.

Find out how we can help you grow--efficiently and economically.


Contact President/General Manager Jack Scott

Phone:  518-725-7175

Fax:  518-725-7177

E-mail:  went@capital.net