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Your most popular questions

We've had our website in operation now for several years.  We've gotten some interesting and curious responses in our feedback section, and would like to address the most popular questions we've received.  First of all, our feedback section is not a forum.  If you're rambling on about high taxes, or current issues we urge you to call "Talk of the Town".  We will not, because we cannot, respond to the feedback page.


Q:  Why don't your radio personalities have their own e-mail addresses so I can e-mail them?

A:  If you want to contact anyone that works here, please e-mail them went@capital.net and your letter will be forwarded to that person.  Regarding their personal e-mails, would you want the public knowing your personal e-mail?

Q:  How do I put someone's name on the birthday show?

A:  Easy!  We announce birthdays Monday-Saturday.  Just give a us a ring around 7:30am.  Birthdays announced at 7:50.  If it's a difficult name, spell it for us so we get it right!  If your birthday falls on a Sunday, call us on Monday and we'll announce a belated birthday.  Please don't send them through the mail.  They might not make it in time!

Q:  I can't hear you at night.  Do you turn down the power?

A:  No, we don't.  Our power is the same throughout the day/night.

Q:  I'd love to be a radio star.  When I drive by the radio station I honk, toot and do everything I can to get on the radio.  Can you hear me?

A:  Honk away, it can't be heard over the air.

Q:  I'm tired of writing out my community calendar on postcards/index cards and mailing them.  Is there a better way? And, are you responsible for the community calendar on cable channel 16?

A: Your PSA's do not have to be on index cards or postcards, regular paper is fine.  You can also fax them, 725-7177, or better yet, save the paper and e-mail them to went@capital.net  We have nothing to do with cable channel 16.